Useful SWTOR Camera Control Tweak

I’ve been playing bits of swtor here and there trying to finally get through the solo story expansions that my wife has been insisting I play because they are very good (note to wife: you were right!) and that’s been great but there’s this issue I’ve had on and off in that game for years involving camera movement.

Basically, I’ll be tooling along doing whatever and every so often the camera just suddenly pops itself in a random direction. Sometimes at the floor. Sometimes 180 degrees behind me, etc. Sometimes my character would start running that direction, and end up in a group of enemies or falling off a cliff or whatever. You get the idea.

I’ve searched for fixes before without luck but gave it another shot and found a few posts saying it was pretty much only happening with Razer or Logitech mice. Mine’s Logitech, so I tried just turning off the gaming software first. That made it better, but didn’t get rid of it entirely. What DID seem to actually fix it was changing the report rate to a lower setting. Here are my sensitivity settings for reference below.

Screenshot of the setting as it appears in the G-hub software. It’s also sometimes called “polling rate”.

I have had one or two instances of unexpected movement since but it seemed to be a direct result of me bumping the mouse in some unexpected way each time. I hope this information is useful to someone. Happy Outlandering!