Also watchting: Halt and Catch Fire

I’m the exact age of Gordon’s oldest daughter on the show, and that spooks me the eff out. Also it feels much more authentic to the exact years/era for me than Stranger Things has so far, though that may be largely due to my Dad being obsessed with computing and idolizing folks like Jobs and talking about and messing with computers all the time. The relationship with my Dad was about 75% toxic when I was no longer little and cute and figured out that adults were fallible, but from about 1985 back it wasn’t too bad, and this has been a surprisingly pleasant revisit of that for me, I probably needed it.

About the show itself without all that: it feels very accurate to the period as I said, while still being extremely not shitty about things like queerness (characters are gay and it’s not turned into tragedy or mocked even when turned into moments of rather sweet humour), and every character has terrific development. They grow and sometimes regress much like real people do, and the times when they come together and combine their skill-sets like a Voltron to fix something are incredibly satisfying.

I’m also very happy that half the important main cast of computing wiz types are women as that aslo accurately reflects the period, which a lot of folks tend to forget. I’m only on the second season and I’m pretty sure it’ll spend quite a while in my comfort re-watch rotation going forward. Pretty great quarantine watching all around, especially if you’re in the GenX ballpark.